Tuesday, March 18, 2008

When Form Has Become Attitude- And Beyond Thierry de Duve


"Never, though was art equated with skill. What deserved admiration in the accomplished artist was talent, not craftsmanship. Skill could be acquired, talent could not, since talent was thought of as a gift of nature- a gift, however, which could niether develop nor express itself outside the rules, conventions, and codes provided by the tradition".

"His definition of painting would have been simply: what painters do. That an artist works in the medium of painting means that he questions painting for what it has to say about itself and hasn't said yet. His definition of painting might be: what no painter has done yet".

"....imitation reproduces, invention produces: whereas imitation generates sameness, invention generates otherness: wheres imitation seeks continuity, invention seeks novelty".

"Creativity being the source of invention, the medium, its target, the teacher - who is no longer a master- owes his authority to the very constraints of the medium while he invites the student to transgress the medium's limits in order to prove his creativity".

"Linguistics, semiotics, anthropology, psychoanalysis, Marxism, feminism, structuralism, and post structuralism, in short, "theory" ( or so-called "French theory") entered art schools and succeeded in displacing- sometimes replacing-studio practice while renewing the critical vocabulary and intellectual tools with which to approach the making and the appreciating of art".

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