Tuesday, April 29, 2008

On Criteria (Walter Darby Bannard)

What is good art? Bannard states that questions like this are "intrinsically unanswerable and that bearing down on them doggedly and fruitlessly merely compounds the misunderstanding which leads to their asking." Alright, fine, I agree, but that's just a really scholarly way of saying what I have learned in the past four years....In art, THERE ARE NO ANSWERS, ONLY QUESTIONS!

"Goodness, goodness in general is not identifiable. It is not substantive; is has no characteristics. It cannot be an entity in itself. Goodness is a consequence of particular judgement and exists only within the setting of that judgement. "

"Great art always presents itself for reevaluation. It is always brand-new. It comes to each of us with no assumptions, no criteria, no history, no pedigree, no "consensus." 

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